What People Need to Know About Sensible Marijuana Use June 12, 2017

Marijuana is one of the most used drugs in the world for both recreational purposes but also to treat a variety of chronic medical conditions. With such a large number of people using this plant-based drug, it makes people wonder why it is considered illegal like more serious drugs. There is a grassroots (pun unintended) movement that is trying to have the laws on marijuana usage changed, the Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy has been lobbying hard to make politicians address this issue in greater detail.

Positive Benefits Linked to Marijuana Consumption

There is a huge media effort to portray marijuana users as “stoners” or individuals who don’t take life seriously. The reality is that there is a massive number of people consuming marijuana at private parties, inside their homes or in discrete locations, they are just hiding it because of the potential legal issues it causes. What the media does not report is how marijuana is changing the lives of many including those who are suffering from terminal cancer which is quite common in this country. 

Aside from treating health issues there are billions of dollars that could be brought in from regulating and taxing the marijuana industry. Right now the bulk of every dollar spent on marijuana is going to a criminal enterprise instead of going to the government. These criminals don’t want marijuana to become legal because it will hurt their business but that is not the only group that is against the responsible legalization of marijuana. The major pharmaceutical companies don’t want marijuana to be legalized but it will interfere with their business model. If people suffering from cancer and a host of other diseases could purchase marijuana and experience an increase in their quality of life then it would drive down the demand for the pharmaceutical company’s drugs that are expensive and have potentially painful side effects. Since these pharmaceutical companies have huge budgets they will lobby hard to slowdown the legalization of marijuana.

Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy

What You Can Do to Help

The first step is educating yourself on the health benefits that marijuana provides individuals who are suffering from a host of chronic conditions. These fellow citizens could become more productive members of society if they had legal access to marijuana instead of taking potentially unhealthy drugs being supplied by the major pharmaceutical companies. Another benefit is by decriminalizing marijuana possession the local jails and prisons would be emptied so that only true criminals would be incarcerated, this would free up tremendous resources for taxpayers to allocate their wealth to more beneficial programs. If you feel that marijuana should be legalized then it would be prudent on your part to follow up the Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy and with your elected member of Congress and let them know about your wishes. The more people who speak up for the legalization of marijuana the sooner the laws will be changed.

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