The plight of animals and what you can do about it May 18, 2017

This short article on the global plight of animals, both domestic and in the wild gets its message across easily enough if it is being read by animal lovers who are already more than concerned. But tonight, or this morning, it is hoped that it has reached out to first time readers who for a great many understandable cultural or socio-economic reasons have never enjoyed exposure to animals other than through their stomachs.

Do not worry. We are not about to tell you that you really must give up meat for good. Although there are those who are doing this for spiritual, moral and health reasons. But it isn’t really necessary. All you need do is turn to organically produced alternatives. These are what would be defined as farm fresh free range animals. You are also making a contribution towards greening the environment and making the earth more sustainable.

You also need to check your supermarket product labels. This is particularly the case if you happen to love fish. Read those labels carefully and the ones that warn you that stocks are critically endangered, or words to that effect, are the ones you need to avoid like the plague. This is to allow such critically endangered species a real chance to grow again.

By watching what you eat you are also doing your health a favor. This is how. Apart from avoiding mass produced food stocks that are the product of cruel and inhumane slaughtering, you are avoiding meat that is high in harmful bacteria, and high levels of fat and sodium.

While reading up more on all or most animal species, you can also sign up with animal rights groups on your favorite social media networks.

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