Image conscious LED and High Definition thoughts May 31, 2017

This short note is not being written from the point of view of image conscious experts. Rather, it’s a short expression of what it feels like to have pretty perfect pictures in your living room or high definition entertainment nook. For expert analysis on how you can recreate the perfect picture on your current or new flat screen, you need to visit online spaces such as and begin your lessons. You will be blown away.

You’ll be asking yourself the proverbial question; why didn’t I think of that. You’ll be punching yourself in the gut wondering out aloud; why did I try to be so smart and do the installation myself. Ah, but you see, LED television sets, OLED TVs, plasma screens and digital projectors are rather sophisticated pieces of machinery. It will be some years before we can all just run down to the store and buy our new flat screen and simply plug in and play as they say.

If you find yourself culpable of this trait of attempting to do things yourself, don’t be too dismayed. Don’t be disappointed. If your apparatus is still brand new, straight out of the box, don’t worry, nothing’s been broken. There’s still plenty of room to maneuver. We gave you an example above; utilize that to find out what you have to do next. You won’t have to do much. It will just be a matter of dialing them up and getting the professional blokes over to your house.

Don’t stand too close to them, don’t get in their way while they do their work, but do try to be as attentive as possible. Listen to what they have to say about sourcing the perfect calibration factors on your TV screen. And after the boys have left your place don’t ever, ever, try and tamper. It is highly unlikely, but sometimes external factors, like a great big bloody storm can interfere with your cable reception.

When that happens, don’t be impatient. Call it a night and give the blokes a call in the morning. Set up an appointment and let them set your screen back up to be right ready as rain. Cor blimey, we haven’t told you much about what we think of this set up. We’re always blown away about the creation of reality in the living room. Most family oriented folks love their nature documentaries and it’s just not possible to get down to nature reserves these days.

So what you have now is nature in your living room. Like when the Bengal tiger makes its move through the dense forest it almost seems as though it is leaping into your path, or is it the other way round. You and your children are in its way, so you’d better get out of the way. So who needs a nature reserves then, hey? By now, you do get the point.

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